Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hello to CPD23

I'm going to be following the 23 Things for Professional development course over the next weeks. I decided I needed to set up a new blog for this, as I like to keep my main (information literacy) blog very focused on information literacy, and none of my other blogs quite fit this kind of thing either.
This is just an introductory & hello posting, and I will think about my blogging in my next post (probably done at the weekend). I teach in the iSchool at the University of Sheffield; currently I coordinate the MA Librarianship and the MA Information Literacy programmes, and this semester I've been teaching mainly in the "Information Literacy Research", "Educational Informatics" and "Inquiry in Information Management" modules. Also I'm catertaker-coordinator for the "Library services for children and young people" module this year, as my colleague Briony is on maternity leave. As next week is the last teaching week there is a lot to do around assignments as well at the moment.

Before Sheffield, I taught at Strathclyde University, and before that I had various posts at the British Library in London: the last one was Head of the Business Information Service. I started out at the BL marketing their online service, BLAISE (which was actually the first online service in the UK; that was a long time ago...). Before THAT I worked for a year as an assistant librarian at the Health and Safety Executive, and going right back I was a library assistant at Sussex University Library in the days when library cards had punch holes in them and the card readers went kerplunk when you put in the cards.

As well as the postings about the weekly Thing I am planning to have some general posts about my professional development, but I will have to see how it goes. 

The first picture is of a present from a Chinese student  (the Monkey King), on my office shelves, the second is me in 1986 (argh, so young). In some ways it was easier to identify what my development needs would be, back then, and I'm hoping to reflect on what development means to me at this stage of my career.


  1. Hi Sheila, like you I'm hoping to use my blog for general (and ongoing) prefessional development. Am looking forward to taking part in CPD23 this year and seeing what new things I can discover.

  2. Thanks David, I'll keep in touch with your blog!